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Anonymous: What program do you use to edit photos?

ps cs5

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Anonymous: you're not even daily...you should give this blog name to someone who will actually post daily..

nahhh not gonna do that thanks for the suggestion tho

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If your heart stops beating, God rest my soul. Dig this grave for two, can’t live without you.

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Anonymous: Do you have a link to the new photoshoot [for Little Machines]? I can't find the images except through other blogs and I can't tell which ones are originals and which ones are edits.

i don’t think they’re all in one place??? i found the unedited versions via looking through the tags a lot and google 

but if you have a specific one you want an unedited version of i can probably find it for you

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       xive stared at this picture for a good ten minutes b/c i wasnt sure if it was her or not       xlike idk it looks like her but i also feel like it doesnt?????       xlights       xlights poxleitner       xmy edit lol       
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       xgod bless matt barnes and god bless america       xlights       xlights poxleitner       xmy edit lol       xmatt barnes       

lights + instagram (part 5)

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       xlights       xlights poxleitner       xmy edit lol       xlightsplus