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lights + rocket

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       xmy edit lol       xlights       xlights poxleitner       xlightsplus       xfinally decided to make a lightsplus tag and stop being lazy       xwoo       xrocket bokan       xor do people tag her as       xrocket wild bokan       x????       xdoes it matter i dont think it does       

“This world is a little dark, and I am LIGHTS.”

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       xthis was kind of a bitch to edit tbh       xlights       xlights poxleitner       xmy edit lol       xi almost saved this as a .targa what the fuck is a .targa       



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       xthis has been in my drafts for a good 5 months so i figured i should post it b/c why not       xlights poxleitner       xmy edit lol       
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       xthis was going to be a happy birthday post but turned into a matt barnes photoshoot appreciation post       xsilver hair shoot coming soon after this       xalso: happy bday lights!!       xalso i messed with the noise tool in this and idk if i like it???       xlights       xlights poxleitner       xmy edit lol       

its so interesting that i still have followers

im literally the shittiest blog owner ever and yet y’all are still here like wtf is wrong with y’all

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       xfun fact: the first 'y'all' in this was actually a 'you guys' at first but i had to change it       xgotta stay southern y'all its the only charm i've got       


Happy 27th birthday Lights!

Your contagious smile, playful personality, and inspiring songs continue to light up every day of our lives! So thank you for everything.

To celebrate Lights’ birthday this year, team up with a friend and each donate $5 (minimum donation is $10) to an organization Lights supports: World Vision or 30 Hour Famine!

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Happy Birthday Lights!

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       xbeau bokan       xvery bothered at the 'u'       xb/c seriously there are a shitload of extra o's in 'love' but you can't even add a 'yo' to that 'u'?????       xi mean come on       

'Cause everyone's watching and quick to start talking
I’m losing my innocence

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